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"From the music during the ceremony, to the cocktails and of course, the actual dancing, it was such an amazing show. I would estimate that 90% of our guests were up dancing at the first song, how many weddings does that happen at? I took my wife aside at one point to just tell her, "Look how much fun everyone is having?" That was hugely down to these guys! We will never forget how much they contributed to making our day so special! If there was 10 stars as a choice for the review, that would not be enough! Thanks guys!"


-Paul Farrell


"The bartender literally told me he had not seen a dance party like we had because our friends were tearing it up. The guys did not miss a beat and felt like a concert the way they kept it going."

-Madison Shifrin


The Platinum Star Band is the hottest dance band and wedding band in Mew York.  Specializing in weddings, receptions, events, live music, party music, dance music, rock, jazz, traditional music, country music, rock, classic rock 80's, ethnic musc and everything in between

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