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 Hi! I'm Steve Sparks the owner/lead vocalist in the Platinum Star Band. Thank you for considering us to provide the entertainment for your big day! There is nothing more fulfilling to me than to help people celebrate their love and commitment to one another in the company of their friends and family. This is the exact reason why I started this business, and It's been the most amazing journey since I began performing professionally over 17 years ago. We take incredible pride in what we do!  Performing for you, and giving you the event you've been dreaming of is the best job on the face of the earth.  I'm so lucky to be surrounded with amazing musicians who have become family to me.  And I'm so blessed to be able to make a living through music.    


What makes us unique?

The Platinum Star Band will work closely with you to create an unforgettable evening of entertainment that caters specifically to your needs. When I started this business, I decided to step away from the "status quo" of wedding bands. The excessive expense, tons of breaks, and non-customized planning process were never acceptable to me. Our approach is incredibly unique and I can't wait to tell you more. we guarantee to give you a wedding that will leave you impressed.  Give us a call to learn more!



Is a live band going to be too loud for my affair?

We use a state-of-the-art, digital sound system to deliver pristine sound quality at reasonable levels. Many of our competitors will outsource their live sound production to 3rd party companies or use inferior equipment, resulting in unreasonably loud volumes and poor sound quality.  We take our approach to live sound very seriously.  In fact, our sound system costs more than my car...(I wish I was kidding!)


Does the band take excessive breaks?

No!  Many other bands  leave the stage multiple times throughout the evening for extended periods of time.  This was something I always had a major issue with.  We typically take very short breaks concurrent with speeches and food service--giving us the ability to focus solely on serving the party. We plan our approach to make sure, above all else, that the energy keeps flowing.


Can you play ethnic music?  What about special requests?

We pride ourselves on our ability to work with you to play the songs that are meaningful to you and your guests.  We are more than happy to play any ethnic music or special requests that you may have.


Can you provide music for my cocktail hour or ceremony?

Absolutely.  We can have piano, acoustic music, solo jazz guitar, piano and saxophone...the possibilities are endless!


How do you feel about same sex marriages?

Platinum Stars Entertainment embraces and supports marriage equality for all people.  We feel that marriage is about Love, not gender, race, or orientation.  And we believe that all of the benefits that come with marriage should be available to committed gay and lesbian couples everywhere.


What types of events do you do?

You Name it, we do it!  Weddings, events, parties, corporate functions, charity functions, bars, clubs casinos, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and more.  Our band is extremely versatile and our song list is always growing. Contact us today to talk about your event!


How will the band dress?

The band dresses formally, unless otherwise requested.


Are you Licensed and insured?

Yes.  We are fully insured, and we are licensed by New York State.  We are also lucky enough to be recognized by the National Association of Mobile Entertainers as a legitimate and trustworthy business.  What this means to you is that couples that work with us have a stress and worry free experience from the start.


What charities and non-profits are you affiliated with?

Platinum Stars Entertainment believes in giving back to the community and proudly supports the following groups:


St Jude's Children's Hospital

Autism Speaks

Leukemia Lymphoma Society

Patrolman's Benevolent Association

Wounded Warrior Project

Feed the Children

Doctor's Without Borders

Boy Scouts of America

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

VH1 Save the Music Foundation












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